What is a brazilian blowout?

If you plan to do the hair treatment called a Brazilian blowout, It would be better if you knew what they really are? A Brazilian blowout is a popular hair treatment that some people still don’t have a clue about its benefits or drawbacks. There is a lot of hype about this product both from happy clients and the media. I’ve always been beset by unmanageable, dry, and frizzy hair. But after applying this hair treatment, my hair changed for good. If you have not used this product before, this article is going to enlighten you about the product and how it feels when you are using it.

How A Brazilian Blowout works on hairs?

A Brazilian blowout is a way of hair smoothening which includes hair straightening and hair curling. It actually seals the hair cuticle, conditions the hair, and really improves the overall health of the hair instead of damaging it, as several chemical treatments do. The Brazilian hair treatment usually leaves the hair manageable, frizz-free and shiny which reduces the length of time users dedicate for caring for their hair daily. It provides a protective protein layer on the hair and works well in all hair types.

How does it feel like?

The Brazilian blowout can be carried out on any type of hair: frizzy, color-treated, damaged, or processed. I’ve done this treatment on several occasions and I surely know that it makes the hair feel better and healthier.

What to do for a Brazilian blowout?

If you want to have this treatment done, the first thing you will need to do is look for a certified stylist for the treatment. The stylist will begin by washing your hair with a shampoo that is specially formulated. The stylist will split your hair into different sections as he/she applies the treatment to these separate sections. The treatment will then be sealed through blow-drying and flat-ironing. Next, the stylist will apply a masque treatment before applying a smoothening serum after it is being rinsed out. Finally after the blow-dry stage, the hair can now be styled to your desire.

Cost of Brazilian blowout

The cost of Brazilian blowout is not fixed and can be either lower of higher, depending on a lot of factors. Prices will differ in different areas and the type of salon you choose for the treatment. However, prices range between $150 and $500. There are extra costs you have to incur though, including the cost of aftercare products needed to prolong the life of the hair treatment. These products include conditioners and shampoo meant to keep your treated hair brisk for as long as possible. Although the price may be a little high, there is no denying the fact that this kind of hair treatment is worth its price in many cases.

Apart from use of aftercare products to prolong the lifespan of the treatment, the hair can also last very long if you don’t wash it always. Depending on the aftercare product you use and your type of hair, the Brazilian Blowout can last between 10 and 12 weeks. Another good thing about this type of hair treatment is that it makes results last much longer and makes your hair healthier as you do it frequently.

Important note: The heating process utilized in the application of some hair straightening releases formaldehyde gas, which may be severely irritating to the throat, nose, and eyes. A prolonged exposure can even lead to cancer concerns. It is more harmful to the stylist who gets in contact with the application everyday. If you are looking to have a Brazilian blowout, find out the percentage of formaldehyde gas in the application. Its percentage should be at levels below OSHA’s limits. This is why you need to only perform this treatment with a certified stylist who understands the implications of using harmful products on the hair

Can I do a brazilian blowout at home?

Yes, you definitely can do it at home. Because they cost a pretty much money at a salon, you will save a lot of money when making it become a DIY task with the right tools and medods.

How long does it take to completely achieve a a brazilian blowout treatment?

Normally, you have to spend from 90-120 minutes to get brazilian blowout done completely.

Is A brazillian Blowout safe?

This question is concerned by a lot of people, according to FDA investigation about brazilian blowout, blowouts actually are not illigal, however this treatment is not 100% safe and you should minimize the contact to the products because they contain Formaldehyde related ingredients. Your eyes, nose are most likely to be exposed to these ingredients when they are heated by styling tools and released to the air. If you has a sensitive skin, they may get irriated. It is very rewarding when you feel amazed with your healthy and natural hair by a brazilian blowout, so weight the risks.

How to Straighten Hair Perfectly at Home

In this guide we are going to show you How to Straighten Hair perfectly, no matter you hair is curly, thick or wavy, doing this step by step with the best styling tool products will help you have a dream hairstyle.

What To Prepare For Hair Straightening

You wake up in the morning, you wash your hair, and now the dilemma comes in: while looking at a mirror how can I get the look of straight hair from this curly or wavy one? Unsurprisingly, you are just one of thousands of women who wish to have a appealing straight hair. Some think they only achieve that style only in a salon, however you can absolutely straighten hair at home. Worry no more, this guide will show you how to straighten your hair at home by a DIY appliance, and will have a salon-hair like afterwards.These things you would have in your beauty case.

An oil treatment

A blow dryer

A good hair straightening flat iron

A heat protection spray

A leave-in conditioner

A wide tooth combA brush

A shine spray or a hair serum

With this set of hair grooming products and tools, now you are about to transform your hair from a curly and messy one to a shiny and straight look.

Step 1. Wash And Dry Your Hair

Always wash your hair before straightening or just a day before if you plan to do it. The straightening process works best when the hair is freshly washed, conditioned, and dried. Make sure that the shampoo that you are using is suitable for your hair type they would be eco-friendly or natural products. Some shampoos are too harsh that they make the hair more dry after washing.

Hair towel wrapAfter shampooing and conditioning, dry it with a towel, dress your hair in a towel, I mean, wrap the the towel around your hair, keep it 15 minutes (it is optional). Then take it out, your hair still looks dampen and wet. Then you can apply a leave-in conditioner at a very end of your hair as well don’t put them all over because it will kill the volume and bring your hair down. This is optional too!

Step 2. Using oil treatment

Before blowing dry hair, you can apply oil treatment such as Moroccanoil Orginal Treatment ,this process is going to make your hair really really soft, something like shiny manageable feeling. This product is great on dried curly hair, there is light version for fine hair as well. This rocks and rolls are pretty much amazing. Take a little of oil on your finger, distribute them evenly on your palm and work it through the bottom of your hair.

You should use wide tooth comb to minimize hair break, just gently go through your hair, do it slowly because your hair is still wet and it may be frizzy and easy to break. Using this comb is obviously healthier than a brush at this step.

Step 3. Blow-dry hair

How to blow dry hairYou can then use a blow dryer to completely dry and pre-straighten the hair. When blow-drying, start with the roots of the hair, and then slowly work through the length and the tips. Constantly comb your hair with fingers or with a brush while using the blow dryer.

And, to add a volume to your hair, turn your head upside down during the blow-drying process. Make sure that your hair is completely dried previously proceeding to the next step.

Step 4. Spray Your Hair With A Heat Protection Product

best tresemme heat protectant sprayToo much heat can break and burn your hair so it is very important to apply this product first before using the flat iron. There is a lot of a good quality heat protection spray out there, they can actively provide your hair a seal for heat protection. The heat protections spray, aside from preventing your hair from being damaged, will also lock the moisture into your hair, so significantly reduce hair dry.

When applying the heat protection product, do not spray it too close to your hair keep a distance, which is recommended at least six inches away from your hair.

Spray evenly throughtout your hair and stay only at the bottom and very end of your hair, which is most likely to be damaged by heat. Finally get it everywhere over your hair. Also, try to avoid spraying the roots of the hair as this will make them look very greasy. Let your hair settle a little bit.

Step 5. How to section hair for straightening

Divide your hair into 3 sections: top, middle and bottom. This is a must whether you have a thin or thick hair to ensure that you can manage hair from each section. Start with taking all of your hair section to the back and bring it forward.

The first layer may be created on the front section of your hair, grab all the hair from your bangs to your crown on top of you head, twist it, and then secure it with a hair clip. This will be the first layer or section. The second part is the hair above your ears. Again, use a hair clip or a hair tie to separate it from the others.

The remaining unclipped hair at the back of your head to your nape will be the third layer. If you have a thick hair, you can divide one more layer at the back of your head.

hair 3 sections

Step 5. Prepare your best hair straightening flat iron

You can typically a flat iron with several temperature settings so that you can adjust the temperature of the plate according to your hair type. For fine and damaged hair, the temperature should be low as 250-300F. Medium temperature setting should be used for a healthy and average thick hair, many irons without adjustable heat setting offer the ideal temperature of 350F for normal, medium/average thickness hair. Curly and very thick hair can be ironed with 380-410F. Set the temperature of the flat iron flollowing the table, you will find it turns out more effectively.

Hair type Plate width temperature setting

Temperature setting for hair type

Step 6. Straighten Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Using a flat iron is not that complicated, “clamp and slide (smooth)” like the function drag and drop you mostly use on tablet. However, you have to perform properly for a perfect result. Take a little piece of hair about one to two inches wide and half-inch thickness, start ironing throughout each one according to the sections that you have previously made. This is tricky, because if you take too big or too thick strands, they will not be received heating evenly, which reduces effectiveness of straightening.

Slowly or steady dragging speed, and directions of the straighteners passing through the hair will affect you hair look, you will have super or volume straight look depends on how you perform straightening.

If the hair is not that straight on the first past, pull the straightener through again until you will achieve the flat, smooth result. You can then move on to the next two layers until every strand has been straightened.

How to straighten hair for super straight look

Divide your hair to section as guide above, starting at half-an-inch down from your roots, quickly drag the iron down to the bottom, move the irons by a steady pass. Do this for the middle and bottom sections of your head until they are straightened. For the top sections near the crown of your head, take off the clip, start the iron at the position as close to your roots as possible, press firmly while sliding the iron straight outward from the starting point to get a perfect result. Mist with shine spray.

How to straighten hair for volume straight look

This technique will help you to add more volume to your hair. Start from middle width of your hair to the bottom, so you will not be loosing volume from the top, you will hold the straightener differently and you are not going to slide the straightener down, take your hair straight out from your head and drag it out of the scalp. While straightening to the ends, you twist your wrist to make it curly a bit. Mist flexible hold hairspray.

Observe the hair during the straightening process

If you see a steam coming from your hair when you use the flat iron, stop and switch it off. The steam or the sizzling sound is an indication that your hair is not completely dried. Straightening your hair when it is wet is damaging. So, when you hear that sizzling sound or you see a steam, stop ironing your hair, grab the blow dryer instead, and completely dry your hair before going back to ironing your hair.

Check your hair after straightening all the layers. Use a mirror to inspect your hair and make sure that you did not miss any section. If you see any wavy hair, drag the hair straightener through them one more time. Do not forget to check the hair at the back of your head as well.

Apply a finishing product to your hair. You can either use a shine spray to keep the hair in place, or you can use a silicone-based serum to add shine to your hair. Stay away from water-based hair products because they will just dampen the hair and make it wavy or curly again.

Things to do after you get things done!

The hot plates will burn or degrade the organic compounds on hair such as oil treatment, heat protectant spray, conditioner, and so on. You should clean the surface of plate to make sure nothing left on it for next time use. The hot tool cleaner acts very actively to remove the caked-on products on plates after an iron is cooled down.

Things to avoid

Never straighten wet hair, Do not iron hair when wet, as this is a sure way to fry your strands.

Don’t keep the flat iron on your hair too long putting it at risk of buring

When your styling tools have problem discard it, get the new one cause the broken hot tools can be dangerous

If your hair is treated by hot tool everyday, it’s going to dry and its structure and components will become weak, so daily use is not recommended.